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Crypto & Fiat



Mission We Carry

People want to adopt crypto, but how will they spend it in a fiat world?

Our mission at Spendce is to launch a crypto debit card that provides the benefits of using crypto in a fiat world.

We at Aim To

  • We aim to replace the need for fiat bank accounts by enabling crypto currencies to pay for anything regardless if the merchant only accepts fiat payments.
  • Help all kinds of cryptocurrencies gain the sustainability for daily transactions and make the crypto-finance world easily accessible for each citizen.
  • Keep the transparency of records for each and every transaction in the ecosystem.
  • Make the cryptocurrency a preferred option for purchases and payments in the business world.
  • Creating an effortless and all-in-one platform which can revolutionize the conventional methods used in banking systems.
  • Ensure that’s suite of extensive and thorough products and services of banking will set a new benchmark in banking and financial services all around the globe.

Wallet Services

The digital wallet presented by the company is a fantastic product used for storing your money in tangible or intangible forms, providing you the ability to invest or withdraw it in mere seconds. The transactions are end-to-end encrypted, providing you all the security you require. These transactions are not headed over by any third-party or governed by any public figure which makes it totally decentralized. The money you are trying to withdraw is in digital form.

Cards Services

With physical and virtual card services will make the payments easy for the customers. It will be directed from the individual’s wallets or holding to another merchant’s bank. Through various global network partnerships, safety and security are ensured. Also, with the technology, the debit cards will be managed and controlled by the mobile app for easy use of the user.

The Future of cryptocurrency is here

Spendce, which is situated in Australia, is the future of the cryptocurrency world. The company is looking to revolutionize the cryptocurrency realm with their seamless services and innovative outlook. The company has a goal to bring payment solutions in the reach of every individual to bring out ease in payments. The spence platform will allow users to spend their crypto currencies and pay for items priced in fiat. Allowing users to buy any product they want even when the seller only accepts fiat.

Learn More is a Mixture of Six Strong Elements

Money Money includes cryptocurrency and fiat payment gateways for all shops in the world. Every Personal or Business account enjoys easy deposits/withdrawals, instant transfers and fiat payment gateways. Web and mobile app versions are also available and there is also a debit card provided to each account holder.


With the help of Bank faster and hassle-free international transactions and payments have been made possible at a very affordable cost.


With the help of a cash machine or ATM machine, Cash allows all kinds of cash transfers, be it withdrawal or a top up with cash (through agents or cash machines). There is also a payment gateway for POS for every real shop and every kind of service provider. There are some future plans regarding the addition of payment cards for easing out the access for both fiat and crypto.

Token Token is formed for many purposes. It can be used in the platform as its main cryptocurrency. This token can also be used as main or side cryptocurrency on other crypto platforms. It will also be tradable on various exchanges.

API’s for Third Party Integration

The token will be used across every platform. With Application Programming Interface aka API for Third-party integration, there will be connectivity between devices and programs. This way can serve for exchanges and other purposes. Open secured API will be developed so other programmers can easily access and integrate with their websites and applications.

Financial Technology is designed in such a way that it will blend perfectly with the technology you are looking for. Improve your digital finance experience with fintech.’s innovative ways will improve the use of fintech services with perfect delivery for end-users.

Revolutionize the financial market from traditional to crypto

Accepts Multi

Trustless Storage

No Limit to
Transaction Volume


The major strength of is that it aims to provide its services to everyone. As the world is digitizing at a very fast rate, focuses on the new currency which is not dependent on any authorized institute. With easy access and advanced security, is creating an all-in-one solution for the market. with the most effective strategy to tackle the problems in the current scenario around the world.

Traders can Utilize Platform to Achieve Maximum returns in Crypto Markets


A platform that unites an all-in-one solution for the users. It is a blockchain-based platform that provides multiple services. Services such as Crypto and Fiat, Mobile application services, Wallets, Payments, cards, etc. Also, with technological advancements, everyone can get access to these services from almost anywhere.


With the increasing frauds and lack of security, provides enhanced security in crypto/fiat payments. Working in a legal framework all the necessary KYC/AML procedures will be conducted. This will keep both projects and customers at bay from fraudulent activities.


The procedure might seem complicated but it is not. However, the initiative of educating the users is taken up by With video tutorials it will be easy to understand the basic concept and help newcomers to enter the cryptocurrency market.




  • The idea will bring usability and mass adoption to all cryptocurrencies
  • Self-developed Products
  • Cryptocurrency attracting investors
  • Currently in partnership with different companies for providing flexibility
  • Taking part in major crypto conferences in the world
  • Experienced in the field of development
  • Token using real use-cases business model
  • Diversity in the team from the industry to optimize the better result


  • Lacks financing
  • Lack the promotion in the media
  • Dependence on liquidity providers


  • Crypto is gaining popularity in the masses can be an independent liquidity provider in the future
  • Sophisticated Roadmap to legalize business
  • Social media acting support for making crypto popular
  • Crypto bull run 2020 and early 2021


  • Hack attacks
  • Government bans in some jurisdictions
  • Technical glitches and Human errors

Financial Planning is a service-based platform and their major earning comes from the service sector. Keeping the market shift in mind and aiming at a larger customer base it is also important that the fees are not that high. Most services provided are free for the customers. However, the decentralized services are lower for the customers, on the other hand, the centralized services are charged as per the competitive charges in the market.

‘One Window’ is the method which is chosen by, this is to make things easier for the customer as this way everything a customer decides can be found in one place. Important services like a simple payment gateway to peer-to-peer banking will be easily accessible for the customers in one place. This also influences the market and customer base of Keeping everything simple and providing a one-way solution to the customers attracts more customers. Spendce has also planned on their premium services

Market Size of Financial Services

Market Size of Digital Payment

Financial Services

Digital Payment

Fund Allocation

Token Allocation

Token Sale

Before the launch of the platform, there will be a Token sale. The funds raised in the ICO will be used by the developing team to develop the Spendce platform

Ticker Symbol SPE SPE
Token Background
Token Type ERC20 Ethereum ERC20 Ethereum
Token Sale Date
KYP/AML Required No No
Restricted Countries
Project Status
Accepted Currencies for ICO
Total ENTRY Coins

Token Distribution

  • Rewarding users for the adoption of the Spendce platform. This will help in popularizing the platform and enhancing the Spendce. It will also open the door to various opportunities for newcomers
  • To keep everything stable, tokens can be offered at a lesser amount with a similar average price at every stage in the beginning. This will benefit the SCO, in case not all the percentage of the allotted tokens are not sold out.
  • After the ICO, the rest of the 17% tokens will be distributed in the future during the SCO aka Secondary Coin Offering. This will be offered at a lower price but not lower than the market price
  • The remaining 3% of the tokens will be for the bounty which includes tokens from both ICO and SCO
  • The hardworking team deserves something. Will be allocated to the team as praise for their hard work. However, the time to allocate the tokens will be a bit lengthy
  • 5% of the total tokens remains will be attributed to the advisory team

Supported Currencies


  • Q3 2020
    • started
  • Q1 2021
    • Blockchain listener for transactions was completed
    • Ecosystem and infrastructural plan were created
    • Website created for
  • Q2 2021
    • one-pager, pitch deck and Whitepaper created
    • Spend.CE was added to major rating agencies list
    • Promotional video for Spend.CE created
  • Q3 2021
    • An authentication form was created
    • Supporters’ community created
    • Token Sale form Created
  • Q4 2021
    • Spend.CE enters social media platforms
    • Announcement about Token Sale made on social media
    • Spend.CE live roadmap created
    • Blog section launched for new coverage and news update
  • Q1 2022
    • Unified registration infrastructure completed
    • Spend.CE Crypto Wallet service launched
    • Promotions for on all traditional and digital market
    • All products of are now SEO optimized
  • Q2 2022
    • Spend.CE Blockchain-based bank launched
    • Spend.CE token integrated into bank and wallet
    • Spend.CE payment system launches buy option
    • Sell option also added to the payment system
    • Payment system connected with the bank and wallet
  • Q3 2022
    • Finalising partnerships with large financial card issuers Several debit and credit card coverage integrated into the Spend.CE payment system
    • Home pages are added to all the products provided by
    • crypto learning created
  • Q1 2023
    • Implementation of one-click instant transfer between all the products
    • Mobile banking application for Android and iOS released
    • Holders of tokens within the ecosystem will have a lower transaction fee on a progressive scale
    • Filing the small payment institution license
    • Spend.CE allows a discount for the token holders in the ecosystem
  • TBC
    • Launch of Spend.CE crypto Loan module
    • Sell function added to Spend.CE payment system
    • customers can access SEPA payments
    • Customers can not access wire transfer
    • Debit and Credit cards in personal account implementation feature added
    • Debit card ready for distribution
    • Completion of Ecosystem

Instant Conversion of
Crypto Currencies to Fiat Currencies